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重要通知 Important Announcement

新学期注册 Registration Information

1. For this school year, there will only be online registration from now until 7/31, at *The office is not open.

 本校今年只能网上報名 ,注册7/31日截止,網址 学校辦公室暫時不会開放。家长可以在新网站注册,報名。

2.Registration procedures are changed due to the COVID-19. 注册程序因疫情变更如下

Date日期Registration Timeline 程序
7/26Registration  online only 
– We will NOT have in person registration on 7/26.  Please do not come to school on 7/26.  Online registration tutorial videos: Video1, Video2, Video3, Video4, Video5
– 七月二十六日当天我们不会提供在学校现场注册,请不要到学校来。网上注册教学视频:视频1视频2视频3视频4视频5
7/26 *(optional Registration Webinar) 1:30-3:30Optional Registration zoom online help will be provided.
-If you need assistance during the registration process, please join our ZOOM meeting.
Meeting ID: 828 3800 0161
Passcode: 7777777
7/31Registration ends (5pm) 注册截止 5pm
8/1 *Drive through 1:30-3:30 Map and info will be available on website
Drive Through Pick up of Textbook (check #6 below if needed)
Time: August 1st, 1:30-3:30 PM
Location: 890 W. Ray Road, Chandler, AZ85225
地点:890 W. Ray Road, Chandler, AZ85225

– For payment with check, please write check payable to GPCCS; For payment with zelle, our zelle account name is The Greater Phoenix Chinese and account email is

Please print the payment slip and bring it with your payment check (Write the registration ID on check memo, if you paid with zelle, please write down your zelle account email or phone number on the payment slip.) when you come pick up books/materials at school on 08/01/2020. We will soon have finalized detail info about how and what time to pick up books/materials on

– No need to show up if you have paid online using zelle and do not need a new text book (Or your class does not require a text book)

– You will NOT be able register onsite at book pick up location on 8/1, please register online beforehand.

– If you want to try the class you registered first, please keep the textbook clean and do not write on it so that you can return it for an exchange.

– 如果用支票缴费,请在支票台头上写GPCCS; 如果是用zelle缴费,我们的zelle 账户名字是 The Greater Phoenix Chinese, 账户邮箱是


– 如果你已在网上完成注冊和用zelle交费,并且你不需要新课本(或者課程没有课本),您可以不必來学校。


– 如果你想先试课,请保持课本干净,不要在课本上写字,以便退换课本。
8/2First Day of School 開学日

 3. 学校八月二日開学,8/2 – First day of school 開学

Due to COVID-19, on-line classes will be offered for at least the first two months for Preschool and above from 8/2-9/27. The Sing & Play class will start when we can meet onsite. An update will be provided closer to 9/27.


4. After you register, teachers will contact parents and students for ZOOM class information.

Sing & Play 3+ class will not open until school campus open.  Please check website for update  


5. Parent volunteer deposit ($40) will be waived. Please select four volunteer choices during online registration. These volunteer hours will not be started until we meet onsite again. .本学期,因疫情,不收家长義工押金。注册时,你仍需選義工时間,待回校上課後,家长義工才開始。

6. Classes need pick up new text book – Simplify 1-9, All traditional classes, bilingual 1.

  • Class material preparation cost only and no need to pick up new text book or materials: Conversation I & II, all Pre-school & kindergarten
  • Continue using last semester book, no need to pick up new text book: Bilingual 2, 3, 4
  • AP text book will be ordered by students, no need to pick up new text book.

需要來学校領取课本書的班級:簡一至簡九, 正体班, bilingual I (双语一班)。         

  • 只收材料准备費沒有课本,不需要取课本/材料:  成人会话一,二班,所有的学前班和幼儿班. 
  • 仍用去年课本,不需要取课本: 双语二,三,四班. 
  • 中文大学选修课由学生自己购买课本,不需要取课本。  

7.Additional updates will be provided weekly.  Thank you for your patients. 


For Questions: 如有問题可洽: