Upcoming Events

  • January – March on-line classes. Whether we will go in-person in March will be decided after we evaluate the situation during spring break. 一到三月网上教学,我们会在三月春假期间进行评估来决定之后是否回到教室上课
  • On-line Registration is open, click here to view the important notice about registration. 查看关于注册的相关重要信息请点击这里

School News

  • 恭喜凤城华人基督教会中文学校今年AP班参加考试的同学冯安瑞和裘恭瑄荣获满分5分,本校考生100% 5分。AP 中文是大学承认的语言学分也是对学生本身语言能力的肯定,同学们的努力是非常值得的。

GPCCS, established in 1983, aims to teach the Chinese language and to introduce the Chinese culture to the community. As a non-profit school, GPCCS is affiliated with Greater Phoenix Chinese Christian Church and has joined Chinese school reginal union in US since December 1990. In addition to its goal of providing a holistic Chinese education, GPCCS hopes to help its students develop character and grow in Christ’s love. All teachers and staff are dedicated to glorifying the Lord, edifying the students, and promoting Chinese culture.

鳳城華人基督教會中文學校附屬於鳳城華人基督教會. 成立於1983年. 並加入各個北美中文学校圑体. 學校宗旨是教導學生學習中文及中國傳統文化,並以基督的爱來培養學生健全品格。