Chinese Go

Weiqi / Chinese Go

Weiqi is one of the simplest games to learn, yet profound in its depth.  Enjoyable at any level of play, weiqi can take years or even a lifetime to master.  A game once enjoyed by emperors thousands of years ago, this game is approachable by school children of today and is associated with improved mathematics performance in school.

WeiQi Level I

     This Level I class is targeted at absolute beginners.  Students will learn the rules of play, starting with Capture Go and moving on to the Natural Method, which will teach them to make their groups survive.  They will learn how to end the game, which is unique and unlike any other game.  After mastery of the basics, students will move on to learn the no repetition rule and more advanced concepts like life and death, attack and defense, connection, and common tactical situations.

Instructor:  Paul Wheeler

Paul learned to play Go in 1992 at the Houston Go Club.  He has played at many Go clubs and tournaments over the years in Houston, Singapore, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Phoenix.  Most recently in 2023, Paul took lessons from Feng Yun 9 dan, competed in the US Open Go Tournament, and became an American Go Association Certified Go Instructor.