Greater Phoenix Chinese Christian School is recruiting teachers. We are looking for those candidates who are Christian, who are responsible, who can  take the year-long commitment, who have the passion of teaching and love for our children, who are good as a team player and who continue to upgrade their skills in a new environment. The candidates should have college degree and basic English communication skills. Teaching experiences are essential; educational degree are a plus.

If you are interested in these positions, please submit  attached application form  to:, or call (480)-599-3115

We are looking forward to working with you to promote Chinese culture and tradition.

凤城华人基督教会文学校教师诚聘各位有爱心, 有责任心, 能坚持完成全年教学任务, 有志于弘扬中华文化的基督徒, 来参与我们的教学工作。 我们期望看到各位应聘人士有一定英文基础,具备大专以上中文水平; 能成为团队工作中的一员; 能不断学习新 技能, 适应新环境。 如有教育专业的学位和教学经验更为理想。 如有兴趣应聘, 请将填写附件中文申请表格并电邮给 或者致电(480)-599-3115. 我们会尽快与您联系。