Chinese Go

Weiqi / Chinese Go

Weiqi is one of the simplest games to learn, yet profound in its depth.  Enjoyable at any level of play, weiqi can take years or even a lifetime to master.  A game once enjoyed by emperors thousands of years ago, this game is approachable by school children of today and is associated with improved mathematics performance in school.

WeiQi Level I

     This Level I class is targeted at absolute beginners.  Students will learn the rules of play, starting with Capture Go and moving on to the Natural Method, which will teach them to make their groups survive.  They will learn how to end the game, which is unique and unlike any other game.  After mastery of the basics, students will move on to learn the no repetition rule and more advanced concepts like life and death, attack and defense, connection, and common tactical situations.

Instructor:  Paul Wheeler

Paul learned to play Go in 1992 at the Houston Go Club.  He has played at many Go clubs and tournaments over the years in Houston, Singapore, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Phoenix.  Most recently in 2023, Paul took lessons from Feng Yun 9 dan, competed in the US Open Go Tournament, and became an American Go Association Certified Go Instructor.


Open Mic Club

Open Mic Club是每周日下午3:30至4:30在GPCCS的一小时课外课程。该课程专注于10至15岁孩子早期公开演讲能力的培养。家长的参与是这门课程的要求。


Open Mic Club旨在提供一个积极的环境,让孩子们在家长的陪伴下,通过公开演讲的实践发展他们的演讲技能。以下是课程的主要内容:







家长的参与对于Open Mic Club至关重要。家长将在课程中担任指导者、支持者和观众的角色。他们将与孩子一起准备演讲,并提供鼓励和反馈。通过家长的参与,孩子们能够更好地发展他们的演讲技能,并建立更紧密的家庭联系。

通过Open Mic Club的课程的参与,孩子们将在早期阶段培养出自信、清晰表达和自我展示的能力。我们鼓励家长们与孩子一起参与这个有意义的课程,共同助力孩子们的成长和发展。

老师:Wendy Wong 衍稳




Japanese Beginner


Chinese Calligraphy/Painting

Chinese Calligraphy/Painting 中国书画

Teacher: Jie peng
中国书法和中国绘画一样,是中国传统艺术中最重要的组成部分。Chinese calligraphy, like
Chinese painting, ranks among the most important of traditional Chinese fine arts.
If you want to understand and experience the artistic charm of Chinese painting and
calligraphy in a short time, Chinese painting and calligraphy course is a good choice.
This course is to recruit more than 8 years old children and adults, 28 year class, 14 class
every semester, weekly face-to-face, teachers Peng Jie, graduated from hubei academy of
fine arts painting,My major is Chinese painting and I got my master’s degree.has many
years experience, art teacherdeveloped the high quality of Chinese painting and calligraphy
14 interviews for this semester:
In lesson 1-4, learn and explore the methods and rules of hard brush calligraphy, and create
an excellent work.
Lesson 5-8: Study and explore the methods and rules of brush calligraphy, and create an
excellent work.
In class 9-12, I will study and explore the methods and rules of Chinese painting and create
an excellent work.
In class 13-14, Chinese painting and calligraphy are combined to create a comprehensive
and excellent work.
Calligraphy refers to the methods and rules of writing Chinese characters. Including how to
use pen, brush, dot, structure, layout and othe, because the hard pen calligraphy and brush

calligraphy have some similarities ,so we first practice hard pen calligraphy for a period of
time, easy to master the law of calligraphy step by step.
国画起源于中国书法(calligraphy),在本质上是一种线性 艺术,绘画形式简洁生动,能唤
起意象和表达与情感。Originated from Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting is essentially
an art of line, the painting forms are concise nd vivid,which attempts to arouse images and
express emotions with paintings.
Therefore, the study of Chinese painting and calligraphy can not only improve the cultivation,
but also has the role of edifying temperament.



Hope Toastmasters club ,主要是锻炼英文的公共演讲和沟通能力,俱乐部通过会员参与每次聚会角色的轮换,让每个会员都有机会练习组织聚会,领导群体的能力。俱乐部每周一次在Greater Phoenix Chinese Christian School教室周日下午3:30pm 到4:45pm在R204-205教室开会。欢迎家长带领孩子来参与,鉴于Toastmasters 俱乐部规定,年龄小于18岁的未成年人不能注册,但我们允许注册为会员的家长带不超过2个18岁以下的孩子参加活动,13岁以下的孩子一定要有家长陪同参加。所有孩子都要注册成为GPCCS的学生并注册演讲课。俱乐部的志愿行政管理者也有每年的免费培训机会。另外我们也会邀请其他俱乐部有丰富演讲和辩论经验的会员参与本俱乐部活动和成为本俱乐部会员的个人导师。俱乐部会费是$60 /半年。新会员第一次买书加$20。孩子在GPCCS的注册费是每年$30. 需要报名的家长或者个人请联络:

Wendy Wong 衍稳: 负责会员招募 email:


Deportment/Modeling Class


Wushu Entry Level



GPCCS Chess Club


  • Every Sunday 3:30-4:30pm when GPCCS is in session.
  • This class is for kids ages 6-12. Previous experience does not matter.

Teacher: Hui Chen

Club Leaders:

Raymond Zou

Raymond Zou is a sophomore at Hamilton High School.  He has been playing chess for multiple years. He is a top 80 player in Arizona and has played in many in state and out of state tournaments. Raymond has taught at many chess camps and chess clubs.

Raine Huang

Raine Huang is a Junior at Arizona College Prep.  He has been playing chess since his early childhood.  He plays chess games and chess puzzles regularly.  


This is a group lesson designed to improve students’ chess ability, from beginners to advanced students. We will teach basic chess fundamentals and rules to beginners. More advanced students will practice tactics and puzzles, and review games of chess experts. At the end of each class, students will pair up and play games.


Judo For Beginners

Last Update: November 8, 2023

Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be affrighted at them; for Jehovah thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.


*** Parents please contact the Course Instructor, Mike Chen, by phone or via WeChat prior to enrolling your students in this class.

*** For students age 10 and above. Small class setup. No more than 8 students.

Instructor Contact Information

Instructor Name: Mike Chen

Cell Phone: (480)549-0421

WeChat ID: Mike_Chen_2

Class Requirements

Parents please purchase Judo Gi (Judo uniforms, not Karate, TaeKownDo, or other types of uniforms) for your students from any online stores of your preference.

Course Goals and Objectives

As an instructor for a beginners Judo class, my goals and objectives are to instruct and inspire students eventually become lifelong Judo lovers after their beginning Judo experience. Judo students benefit from learning and practicing Judo psychologically and physically.

  • Discipline and Endurance
  • Focus and mind strength
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Developing physical fitness
  • Increased speed and agility
  • Good static and dynamic balance
  • Improved reaction time
  • Excellent coordination
  • Increased self-confidence

Course Curriculum

History of Judo
What Judo is
How to wear JudoGi and tie belt
Etiquette: Proper bowing and Dojo behavior

Ukemi: Kohou (back)/Yoko (side) from laying, half-sitting, standing
Introduction to Tachiwaza, basic postures, grips, and Kuzushi

Throwing Technique: Ogoshi
Introduction to Newaza: Kesa Gatame, Kata Gatame, Kamishiho Gatame
Yokoshiho Gatame

Ukemi practice (by being thrown)
Gripping and Movement
Introduce Tachiwaza: Ogoshi, Hiza-Guruma, Deashi Harai
Review Newaza