GPCCS Chess Club


  • Every Sunday 3:30-4:30pm when GPCCS is in session.
  • This class is for kids ages 6-12. Previous experience does not matter.

Teacher: Hui Chen

Club Leaders:

Raymond Zou

Raymond Zou is a sophomore at Hamilton High School.  He has been playing chess for multiple years. He is a top 80 player in Arizona and has played in many in state and out of state tournaments. Raymond has taught at many chess camps and chess clubs.

Raine Huang

Raine Huang is a Junior at Arizona College Prep.  He has been playing chess since his early childhood.  He plays chess games and chess puzzles regularly.  


This is a group lesson designed to improve students’ chess ability, from beginners to advanced students. We will teach basic chess fundamentals and rules to beginners. More advanced students will practice tactics and puzzles, and review games of chess experts. At the end of each class, students will pair up and play games.