Book pickup origin

Time: August 1st, 1:30-3:30 PM
Location: 890 W. Ray Road, Chandler, AZ85225

– For payment with check, please write check payable to GPCCS; For payment with zelle, our zelle account name is The Greater Phoenix Chinese and account email is

– No need to show up if you have paid online using zelle and do not need a new text book (Or your class does not require a textbook)

  • Classes need pick up new textbook – Simplify 1-9, All traditional classes, bilingual 1.
  • Class material preparation cost only and no need to pick up new textbook or materials: Conversation I & II, all Pre-school & kindergarten
  • Continue using last semester book, no need to pick up new textbook: Bilingual 2, 3, 4
  • AP text book will be ordered by students, no need to pick up new textbook.

– You will NOT be able to register onsite on 8/1, please register online beforehand.

– If you want to try the class you registered first, please keep the textbook clean and do not write on it so that you can return it for an exchange.

地点:890 W. Ray Road, Chandler, AZ85225

– 如果用支票缴费,请在支票台头上写GPCCS; 如果是用zelle缴费,我们的zelle 账户名字是 The Greater Phoenix Chinese, 账户邮箱是

– 如果你已在网上完成注冊和用zelle交费,并且你不需要新课本(或者課程不需要课本),您可以不必來学校。

  • 需要來学校領取课本書的班級:簡一至簡九, 正体班, bilingual I (双语一班)。         
  • 只收材料准备費沒有课本,不需要取课本/材料:  成人会话一,二班,所有的学前班和幼儿班. 
  • 仍用去年课本,不需要取课本: 双语二,三,四班. 
  • 中文大学选修课由学生自己购买课本,不需要取课本。

– 另外八月一日当天,学校無法提供在取书地点注册。请您先在网上注册。

– 如果你想先试课,请保持课本干净,不要在课本上写字,以便退换课本。

For everyone’s safety, please follow the books pick up procedure like this: Print/write your registration # in large bold fonts and put it on your car dashboard/windshield when you approach stop 1 and 2 in the picture below. Turn in your payment slip and check (Write the registration # on check memo, if you paid with zelle, please write down your zelle account email or phone number on the payment slip.) at stop 1 with passenger side window roll down. Pick up books/materials on the desk yourself at stop 2. If you have not registered the class yet, please do so first before you come pick up books/materials. If you have question, please call 480-5993115 when approaching stop 1

为了大家的安全着想,请按以下的程序来取书本:用大的黑体字打印或者书写你的注册号码,并在你的车接近下面图示中的停车点1和2时把它放在你的车的挡风玻璃下。请在停车点1打开车子乘客一侧的窗子,上交你的收费单和支票 (请把注册号码写在支票的备注栏上,如果你已经用zelle交了钱,请把你的zelle账户邮箱或者电话号码写在收费单上)。请在停车点2下车到桌子上取书本/教学资料。如果你还没有注册课程,请先完成注册再来领取书本/教学资料。如果你有问题,请在接近停车点1的时候电话480-5993115.