Weiqi / Chinese Go

Weiqi is one of the simplest games to learn, yet profound in its depth.  Enjoyable at any level of play, weiqi can take years or even a lifetime to master.  A game once enjoyed by emperors thousands of years ago, this game is approachable by school children of today and is associated with improved mathematics performance in school.

WeiQi Level I

     This Level I class is targeted at absolute beginners.  Students will learn the rules of play, starting with Capture Go and moving on to the Natural Method, which will teach them to make their groups survive.  They will learn how to end the game, which is unique and unlike any other game.  After mastery of the basics, students will move on to learn the no repetition rule and more advanced concepts like life and death, attack and defense, connection, and common tactical situations.

Instructor:  Paul Wheeler

Paul learned to play Go in 1992 at the Houston Go Club.  He has played at many Go clubs and tournaments over the years in Houston, Singapore, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Phoenix.  Most recently in 2023, Paul took lessons from Feng Yun 9 dan, competed in the US Open Go Tournament, and became an American Go Association Certified Go Instructor.

Open Mic Club是每周日下午3:30至4:30在GPCCS的一小时课外课程。该课程专注于10至15岁孩子早期公开演讲能力的培养。家长的参与是这门课程的要求。


Open Mic Club旨在提供一个积极的环境,让孩子们在家长的陪伴下,通过公开演讲的实践发展他们的演讲技能。以下是课程的主要内容:







家长的参与对于Open Mic Club至关重要。家长将在课程中担任指导者、支持者和观众的角色。他们将与孩子一起准备演讲,并提供鼓励和反馈。通过家长的参与,孩子们能够更好地发展他们的演讲技能,并建立更紧密的家庭联系。

通过Open Mic Club的课程的参与,孩子们将在早期阶段培养出自信、清晰表达和自我展示的能力。我们鼓励家长们与孩子一起参与这个有意义的课程,共同助力孩子们的成长和发展。

老师:Wendy Wong 衍稳
Email: wendyagentforhome@gmail.com

Time: July 29, 1:30-3:00 PM
Location: 890 W. Ray Road, Chandler, AZ85225

– For payment with check, please write check payable to GPCCS; For payment with zelle, our zelle account name is The Greater Phoenix Chinese and account email is gpccsacc2020@gmail.com

– No need to show up if you have paid online using zelle and do not need a new text book (Or your class does not require a textbook)

For everyone’s safety, please follow the payment and textbooks pickup procedure like this: Print/write your registration # in large bold fonts and show it to our staff onsite. Turn in your payment slip and check (Write the registration # on check memo, if you paid with zelle, please write down your zelle account email or phone number on the payment slip.). After verified by school staff, textbooks/materials will be handed to you. If you have not registered the class yet, please do so first before you come turn in payment and pick up textbooks/materials.

地点:890 W. Ray Road, Chandler, AZ85225

– 如果用支票缴费,请在支票台头上写GPCCS; 如果是用zelle缴费,我们的zelle 账户名字是 The Greater Phoenix Chinese, 账户邮箱是 gpccsacc2020@gmail.com

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为了大家的安全着想,请按以下的程序来缴费取书本:用大的黑体字打印或者书写你的注册号码,在缴费/取书点出示给学校教工。上交你的收费单和支票 (请把注册号码写在支票的备注栏上,如果你已经用zelle交了钱,请把你的zelle账户邮箱或者电话号码写在收费单上),在教工核对后会把书本递交给你。如果你还没有注册课程,请先完成注册再来缴费和领取书本/教学资料。


Yan Zhao 赵燕任职教会中文学校成人会话二班老师二年,我们班的教学宗旨是以实用生活用语会话为主顺带着学习拼音和认字,例如:如何打招呼和问路,如何介绍自己或者他人?如何谈论天气?如何去餐馆点餐?如何跟医生说明身体哪部分不适?去超市购物如何问答?我们小班教学,机动灵活的教学方式,反复纠正发音并引导学生大胆提出问题和张开嘴对话,使学生们在生活中轻松学习和应用中文并顺便学习中国的传统文化。

Chinese Calligraphy/Painting 中国书画

Teacher: Jie peng
中国书法和中国绘画一样,是中国传统艺术中最重要的组成部分。Chinese calligraphy, like
Chinese painting, ranks among the most important of traditional Chinese fine arts.
If you want to understand and experience the artistic charm of Chinese painting and
calligraphy in a short time, Chinese painting and calligraphy course is a good choice.
This course is to recruit more than 8 years old children and adults, 28 year class, 14 class
every semester, weekly face-to-face, teachers Peng Jie, graduated from hubei academy of
fine arts painting,My major is Chinese painting and I got my master’s degree.has many
years experience, art teacherdeveloped the high quality of Chinese painting and calligraphy
14 interviews for this semester:
In lesson 1-4, learn and explore the methods and rules of hard brush calligraphy, and create
an excellent work.
Lesson 5-8: Study and explore the methods and rules of brush calligraphy, and create an
excellent work.
In class 9-12, I will study and explore the methods and rules of Chinese painting and create
an excellent work.
In class 13-14, Chinese painting and calligraphy are combined to create a comprehensive
and excellent work.
Calligraphy refers to the methods and rules of writing Chinese characters. Including how to
use pen, brush, dot, structure, layout and othe, because the hard pen calligraphy and brush

calligraphy have some similarities ,so we first practice hard pen calligraphy for a period of
time, easy to master the law of calligraphy step by step.
国画起源于中国书法(calligraphy),在本质上是一种线性 艺术,绘画形式简洁生动,能唤
起意象和表达与情感。Originated from Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting is essentially
an art of line, the painting forms are concise nd vivid,which attempts to arouse images and
express emotions with paintings.
Therefore, the study of Chinese painting and calligraphy can not only improve the cultivation,
but also has the role of edifying temperament.