Chinese Conversation For Adults III

Welcome to Mandarin Conversation III class! My name is Sherry Xiao and I’m so excited to be part of your Mandarin learning journey. The goal of this class is to utilize the vocabulary and grammar into daily conversation. Students need not be overwhelmed by learning to write Chinese characters. However you are encouraged to recognize the characters in each lesson.

Topics to be covered this year:

*Chapter 1–Body

*Chapter 2–Chinese/Western Cousin

*Chapter 3–Food, Beverage and Health

*Chapter 4–Shopping

*Chapter 5–Living Environment

Textbook: Chinese Made Easy Level 3

Prerequisite: Students need to have a basic knowledge of Mandarin, be able to hold simple conversations in Mandarin.

About the teacher: Sherry Xiao was born and grew up in BeiJing. She has been teaching Mandarin since 2002 at Hope Chinese School, GPCCS and New Vistas Center For Education of Arizona, She also taught at British International School in Vietnam. She holds Master of Science degree from ASU. Besides teaching, she also enjoys traveling and real estate investing. She is married with two children.

Contact: 480-565-0416


Chinese Conversation For Adults I

Teacher (教师): 陈文菊 Lisa Chen


Course Description (课程介绍):

zoom link:


There are 5 units, 21 lessons included in this book. The topics include self-introduction, family members, countries and professions.

Textbooks (教材): Chinese Made Easy Level 1

Objectives (教学目标):

Throughout the course of this class, students will focus mainly on: Pin yin, words and expressions, and basic sentence structure. Students will be able to accurately pronounce the 4 symbol tones, learn how to make simple sentences, make simple conversations.

Teaching Methods (教学方法):

This class will focus on conversation. Students will start with Pinyin and 4 tones practice. In addition to role plays and partner activities, students will be asked to check on their learning progress and evaluate whether they have achieved the learning objectives.


Sing & Play (age 3 +)