Teacher (教师): 陈文菊 Lisa Chen

mail: nunubeibei@yahoo.com

Course Description (课程介绍):

zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85706733503?pwd=UElOekttNlZLMFZlbFVDaGR4cmVEUT09


There are 5 units, 21 lessons included in this book. The topics include self-introduction, family members, countries and professions.

Textbooks (教材): Chinese Made Easy Level 1

Objectives (教学目标):

Throughout the course of this class, students will focus mainly on: Pin yin, words and expressions, and basic sentence structure. Students will be able to accurately pronounce the 4 symbol tones, learn how to make simple sentences, make simple conversations.

Teaching Methods (教学方法):

This class will focus on conversation. Students will start with Pinyin and 4 tones practice. In addition to role plays and partner activities, students will be asked to check on their learning progress and evaluate whether they have achieved the learning objectives.