Bilingual Basic 双语基础

我叫李花。我在GPCCC中文学校教Bilingual Kindergarten(简体。我主要使用“汉语拼音”-暨南大学出版社; 汉语乐园-北京语言学校出版社出版的教材来进行教学。主要帮助以英语为母语的同学们,尽快掌握拼读音节, 口语,以及一些常用单词。


Bilingual 5

Bilingual 5 Course Syllabus 教学大纲

Teacher (教师): Ruth Zhang(张娆英)Email:

Course Description (课程介绍):

“My First Chinese Reader” is a set of textbooks specially designed to teach Chinese language skills to children of non-native Chinese families and those living in non-Chinese speaking communities. In this Bilingual 5 class, we will use volume 4 of the My First Chinese Reader Book series. Volume 4 contains 12 lessons that combine the following teaching methods: an easy step-by-step approach; a comprehensive selection of characters and sentence patterns; highly relevant scenarios covering school, family, daily life, sports, etc; and a stroke-by-stroke approach to writing Chinese characters. Illustrated with simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and colorful pictures, this book introduces little readers to basic Chinese sentences in a daily living environment. There are also sections on Vocabulary, Drills, and Reading and Writing at the end of each lesson, along with English translations for each vocabulary word and sentence.

Textbooks (教材):

1. My First Chinese Reader Volume 4(Simplified Chinese Characters)Lesson 37 – 40


2. My First Chinese Reader Volume 4 WorkBook A

    快乐儿童华语 练习册A第四册练习A本

3. My First Chinese Reader Volume 4 WorkBook B

    快乐儿童华语 练习册B第四册练习B本

Objectives (教学目标):

1. Listen, speak, read, and write in Chinese at the appropriate level.

2. Learn about Chinese culture and history

Grading (评分标准):

1. Weekly attendance, punctuality, and classroom participation(课堂出勤和表現): 30%

2. Homework(家庭作业): 20%

3. Presentations In Class(课堂演示):30%

4. Mid & Final exams(期中和期末考试 ):20%


双语4班Bilingual 4


Bilingual 4 Course Syllabus

教师:Wendy Wong 魏衍稳 ,Email:

Text Book: My First Chinese Reader 快乐儿童华语 Volume 3 第三册29课- 34课

1.课程介绍 Course Description:

My First Chinese Reader is a set of 4 textbooks (volume 1-4) with 12 lessons in each book designed for children living in non-Chinese speaking environments.  Each textbook comes with workbook A and B. To ensure that the students master all aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing, 6 lessons will be taught each year. In this Bilingual 3 class, we will continue using volume 3 of the My First Chinese Reader Book series.  While volume 2 covers topics like greetings, self-introduction, numbers, family members, countries, calendar and food, volume 3 focus more on activities such as works, schooling, eating out.

2.课程目标 Objectives:

The goal for this course is to focus more on listening and speaking than reading and writing skills.  Students will be able to obtain daily vocabulary, phrases, and basic sentence structure in various topics throughout the course.  Student-teacher interaction, activities, games, and multimedia are used to enforce students’ interest in learning Chinese. With workbook A, students learn basic writing characters while workbook B employs word games and activities to reinforce each lesson.  In Bil 3 class last year, we learned lessons 25-28.  In Bil 3 class this year, we will continue and finish volume 2 book learning lessons 29-34.

3.教材和辅助材料 Books and Supplies:

“My First Chinese Reader” Volume 3, 快乐儿童华语第二册 Workbooks A and B.练习册A和练习册B

“Practical Chinese” Level 1 and workbook are used for review purpose only

a. backpack

b. any color PLASTIC folder

c. 8×11 white erase board

d. pencil case

e. color pen

f. any color small size dry erase marker

g. Ziploc sandwich bags (2 for flashcards, 1 for prize store tickets)

h. sharpened pencils with erasers

4. 教室纪律 Classroom Rules (RESPECT Teacher, Others and Yourself):

Raise your hand before speaking.

Eat or drink is not permitted unless it is water.

Sit nicely and do not distract others from learning.

Participate in class.

Eager and excited to learn.

Clean your sitting area and throw away any trash.

Toys brought to school will be confiscated.

5. 成绩和奖励 Grading and Rewards Guidelines:

*20% Classroom Participation

These include weekly attendance, punctuality and classroom participation and behavior.

*40% Homework Assignments

A printed copy of the weekly HW assignment will be given and an electronic copy upon request.  No late homework will be accepted unless it is due to vacation or an illness.  I will accept HW sent to me through email or text message on the day that is due (before Monday). is heavily utilized in our class.

*40% Tests and Quizzes

These include quizzes, 6 lesson tests and 2 semester tests.

Quarterly grades will be emailed to you to keep up with your child/children’s learning progress.

“Good Student Tickets” are rewarded for positive learning behaviors such as bringing all required learning materials, turning in HW, participating in class and being the classroom helper.  Students can use them to redeem for prizes during the scheduled prize store days.  Students are responsible for safekeeping the tickets.


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