Welcome to AP CHINESE! My name is Jia Hou and I will be co-teaching this course with Teacher Ping Dai. We are so excited to begin this new school year with you and make progress alongside you!

Below are some highlights of this AP course:

* It is a comprehensive study of the Chinese history, Chinese culture, Chinese tradition and much more!

*It utilizes all four parts of language learning including listening, speaking, reading and writing.

* It focuses on putting language skills learned into practice, for example, learning how to talk in real life situations such as ordering food in a Chinese restaurants and booking a flight ticket in Chinese, how to plan a traditional Chinese festival, etc.

About the teacher:
Jia Hou was born and grew up in China and came to the U.S. in 2006 for pursuit of her Master’s degrees in English and Project Management at Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri.
She has worked as a teaching assistant for a few years on campus at Missouri State University and later worked at Expedia, the University of Missouri,etc. She started to tutor non-native speakers Chinese since college back in China and also taught American college students Chinese in Missouri. Starting from last year, she began to co-teach AP Chinese course at GPCCS, and has been learning and adjusting to the new era of her teaching career with eagerness and excitement.

Contact info:

phone: 417-380-2516

email: LizzyHou2020@yahoo.com